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Television Stations B2B Data List contains the contact details of all the TV stations around. Ideal for all forms of B2B marketing: social media marketing campaigns, telesales, newsletter and email blasts, direct mail and market research. Free lifetime updates to Television Stations B2B Email Marketing List. Instant access to Television Stations B2B Sales Leads upon payment. Download your copy now!

Despite the growing proportion of online streaming content providers, the ‘behemoths’ of broadcast media are still going strong. Yes, consumers are shifting from traditional cable TV to digital streaming platforms. But, this doesn’t mean that the giants are doomed. In recent years, TV broadcast networks have stepped up and established their online presence. They now provide over-the-top (OTT) services as well (That’s why TV networks like Fox, NBC, CBS are still highly dominant in the market.)

By 2024, global OTT revenues are expected to hit $159B. Simply because subscription services are cheaper, and more convenient online. In short, the TV network industry is not dead. They’re just switching platforms to remain competitive. They need to make sure Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, aren’t the only ones making money; they need a share of the pie too! So, what does this have to got to do with you?



Why You Should Be Interested In The TV Network Industry?

There are always opportunities in times of competition. As the competition between traditional broadcast media and new online media gets heated, it’s your time to make money. TV stations need professionals like you to provide them invaluable services; They need you to help them create that competitive edge.

If you look at the bigger picture, global TV revenue will hit $269.4B by 2022. That’s some serious growth in the industry. And, when there’s growth, there’s someone out there who needs your services.

If the TV industry happens to be something you’re interested in, keep reading. Make them spend that money on you instead.

Who Can Our B2B Mailing List Benefit?

Video Production Companies

There are a lot of TV programmes in a single TV network. And, no one can do it all. They need to outsource their video production to people who knows what they’re doing (like you). Land yourself the biggest deal yet with our B2B mailing lists! We have every contact that you can imagine in the TV network industry. We take out the guessing in the game. All that’s left to do for you is to pick up the phone. Punch in the numbers. And, let your silver tongue persuade the producers.

Celebrity Agencies

Tv stations need good content. Content that engages the soul. But first, they need your line up of celebrities to make themselves look good. It’s not exactly easy to engage the TV industry. But, with our B2B mailing list, you can stand out from the rest. Send an email straight into the producer’s laptop, and get them to sign a contract with you. Who knows? You might be grooming the next Scarlett Johannson.

Production Crew Company

Producing a single episode of a tv programme takes dozens of people. And, that’s why you’re always in demand. Want to ramp up your sales volume? Try us. The number of TV station contacts will leave you awestruck. With that many TV station contacts, you’ll be scaling your business in no time.


Television Stations Mailing List

How Do We Create Your B2B Mailing List?

At Creative Bear Tech, we’re very stringent on our processes. We want to make sure that our customers are satisfied. Ultimately, your satisfaction is what guarantees the longevity of our business.

We hire tech experts and buy advance machineries to do the heavy lifting for you. We use a method called ‘web scraping’. Basically, this method scans through the entire search engine to collecting B2B contacts for you. Unlike our counterparts, our comprehensive methods allow us to find B2B contacts from all over the world.

Let me give a run through of our processes. 

When we decide on our target keywords, our software search for those keywords present in the body of the website. This ensures that the emails we collect are relevant to your industry. Then, we produce a second set of emails, from websites containing our target keywords.

Next, we verify the whole list using a three-level technique:

  • We verify the syntax of the collected emails
  • We make sure that there are no bounce mails from the emails
  • We ensure that the websites are still in use.

Thanks to this technique, our email lists have achieved the lowest bounce rate in the market. 

How Do I Use This B2B Mailing List?

Email Machine Gun

According to research, emails get 40x more response than Facebook and Twitter. It’ll be a waste if you’re not using email marketing. If you don’t have your own email list yet, don’t worry. Our B2B email list solves your lead generation problems immediately. With our niche-relevant email lists, you can stretch your reach to companies you could not have reached before. Craft a compelling message and blast them to the TV networks. It’ll be a miracle if you don’t get a reply.

Following Up With A Phone Call

Did you know? 92% of customer interaction happens on the phone? Our B2B mailing lists has industry-related phone numbers as well! Follow up with a sales call after you’ve sent the first email (It’s always feels warmer when they get to hear your voice.) Don’t stop the momentum. Fill your pipeline and start making sales with us!

Low Cost Social Media Marketing

It’s always easier to build your brand if you already have a fanbase; It’s just the thing with social proof. But, you also know how random Facebook algorithms can get. Low cost-per-clicks are not guaranteed even if you ran the same campaigns over and over again. Sure, you might be building a fanbase, but how many of them are actually paying customers? Instead, let us give you a push with our high quality B2B leads. Build yourself a high paying fanbase.

Why Should You Choose Us?

From the beginning till now, we’ve helped over 1000 start ups gain footing in their market.

At Creative Bear Tech, we make sure that you’re getting the best leads ever, period. As an entrepreneur, I’ve experienced the struggles. And I know not getting leads is one of the worst nightmare ever. That’s why I’ve created a system to provide high quality leads for you. This system ensures a comprehensive and industry-targeted email lists. Nobody needs email lists that bounce your emails.

Our customers get instant access to the database they purchase. If there’s a B2B database you want, but it’s not listed on our website, drop us an email. We’ll make it for you at no extra cost!

Unlike TV networks, we aren’t advocates of monthly subscriptions. Instead of asking for more, we provide free lifetime updates in the member’s area. So, make sure you head over, and download the latest copy every day!

Our databases are ‘cleaned’ frequently. To ensure we’re GDPR compliant, we put in extra effort to remove any B2B contacts who opted out of this programme. So, feel safe to market our B2B contact list in the European region, and any organisations that offer goods and services to European data subjects. You’ll still be a law-abiding citizen at the end of the day!

Our customer service will be on standby for you. If you ever run into a problem with our products, leave us a message, and we’ll solve it for you.

Don’t wait for things to happen. Order your copy today and start scaling!